By Sarah Puleo.

As the name implies, Redeye Coffee Roasters brews its own coffee from beans sourced from around the world and freshly roasted in their Hingham cafe; owner Bob Weeks aptly refers to the final product as “liquid happiness”.

If coffee were the only special thing at Redeye, it would be a good coffee shop. What makes Redeye a great coffee shop is the atmosphere Weeks has created.  Dominating the cafe is a long, wooden community table which (intentionally) makes it nearly impossible to sit alone. The community table, combined with the lack of Wi-Fi (also intentional), invites you to sip and chat with friends, or perhaps with a friendly stranger. Redeye has cultivated a shop where you’ll want to sit and stay awhile, a rare find in our drive-thru nation.

The ambiance is lovely, but let’s not gloss over the true reason for a visit–coffee! From espressos to cortados, cappuccinos to café au laits, they offer pretty much every coffee drink you’d require. Each cup can be customized to suit your taste, they even have almond milk and oat milk available as non-dairy options.

Redeye serves up one of the best lattes on the South Shore. Each frothy drink is topped with a small piece of latte art–swirls and designs made carefully with the foamed milk as it’s poured into steaming espresso. This is not a mass-produced cup that you chug in the car, these drinks are best enjoyed right at Redeye, on the waterfront deck or at the table.

Toddler Treat

Tea is also available and served by the cup, pot, latte, or over ice–if you’re into that sort of thing. Little sippers with less refined palates can find a bubbly drink or juice to enjoy. There is also plenty to eat at Redeye. Sweets include cookies, muffins, scones, and the mysterious raspberry thingy. For heartier fare, there is quiche, bagels, croissants, and a few fancy grilled cheese sandwiches.

Redeye’s proximity to both downtown Hingham and Hingham Harbor make it a perfect place to stop for a while before a visit to the Bathing Beach with the kids or before a movie at the Loring Theatre during an elusive date night out.

Redeye Coffee Roasters
3 Otis Street, Hingham MA
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Side note: If you’re looking for something a bit stronger than coffee, check out Redeye’s recent collaboration with Untold Brewing in Scituate: Mr. Breeze, a Coffee Pale Ale. Described as a “fruity and roasty”, this beer is available right now both on tap at the brewery and in cans.

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