By Melissa M. Gugliotta.

There are lots of things to both thank and blame social media for, but the rise in popularity of creative donut toppings is top of that first list for many. Who out there can resist the siren call of a tasty donut topped with candy or cereal that also photographs well? Not this girl, that’s for sure. Add a great cup of coffee, and don’t be surprised if I show up with a sleeping bag, because I might just move in.

In this socially-distancing Covid-19 era, one of the things I’ve missed the most is visiting coffee shops just like these—the small, independently-owned places that get creative with their offerings and make the whole experience feel quaint and cozy.

But as I learned when I visited SlackTide Coffee in Marshfield over the weekend, maintaining a six feet distance doesn’t have to mean sacrificing coffee, donuts, or community.

Keeping the donuts in the family

I learned about SlackTide’s donut offerings through their Instagram account, updated regularly with shots of their coffee creations, merchandise, and (drum roll, please) fabulous donut selection. SlackTide does this well by sharing behind-the-scenes shots and notes about their staff. That’s how I found out about Pam, SlackTide’s “Chief Donut Officer” and mom of co-founder Zac Carpman. Pam makes most of SlackTides donuts, so how could I pass up a chance to try some mom-made donuts? So off to SlackTide I went, my donut-loving husband in tow.

Easy online ordering

Because of Covid-19, dining in was not an option, but SlackTide has made their to-go ordering process (and delivery process, for local folks) very clear with an easy-to-use online ordering system. From coffee and tea to donuts and a variety of breakfast toasts and oatmeal, SlackTide has something available for everyone.

We were able to place our order and pay easily from the car, and our coffee and donuts were brought directly to our window by a very friendly (and safely masked!) staff member.

A fun selection of tasty treats

For our first visit, my husband and I decided to go with an order of Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes and three full-sized donuts:

  • Chocolate Frosted: Chocolate icing with rainbow sprinkles
  • S’mores: Graham cracker crumb icing topped with toasted marshmallow and chocolate drizzle
  • The Naughty Cocoanut: Caramel icing with toasted coconut and chocolate drizzle

All of the donuts are a plain cake base that is light and deliciously chewy on the inside with an ideal amount of crispness and flakiness on the outside. The toppings all worked together perfectly with nothing being overwhelmingly sweet. I really give us both credit for not polishing off the whole lot in one sitting; they were that good.

My husband is a pretty classic guy and will go with the Chocolate Frosted every time, but I was a particular fan of The Naughty Cocoanut, which reminded me of a Caramel deLite Girl Scout Cookie (formerly the Samoa, if you were a Girl Scout as long ago as I was).

The S’mores donut and the donut holes were both great in their own right—you absolutely cannot go wrong with anything fried and coated in cinnamon sugar, and the graham cracker crumb icing on the S’mores donut was genuinely pretty delightful.

As far as the coffee goes, my husband stuck with a cold brew, which he enjoyed very much, and I tried a latte with oat milk and SlackTide’s maple cinnamon syrup. It was balanced, rich, and lightly sweet—my favorite!

A new favorite spot

That first trip to SlackTide sealed the deal for us, and it’s a 25-minute drive from home we will happily make again.

In fact, we already did. 😍 We got a selection of three more donuts for my husband’s birthday breakfast and enjoyed them by Marshfield’s Brant Rock Seawall!

SlackTide’s donut selection can sell out pretty quickly in the mornings, so get there early, if you can. The donuts are available after 8:30am.

And in case you need one more reason to head for a visit this week, SlackTide is offering four new summer beverage specials: the Honey Rose Summer Latte, Peaflower Tea Lemonade, Matcha Lemonade, and Mint Lime Espresso Tonic.

Typically open 7 days a week, from 7am to 3pm – but be sure to follow them on Instagram for the latest updates around any further Covid-19 changes or precautions.

Happy donut-ing!

SlackTide Coffee Roasters
1871 Ocean Street
Marshfield, MA 02050
(781) 319-2754

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