Local newlyweds – a musician and an herbalist – launch a 60-day capital raise, investment campaign to kick-start their cannabis facility build out.

With the start of the new year, Coastal Roots, LLC, announced they will be launching a craft, organic cannabis brand highlighting herbal, locally sourced ingredients in the Massachusetts Cannabis market.

The company is garnering the support of the community while raising start-up capital through a secure investment platform called Mainvest. The interest from the community is clear as Coastal Roots has already met 69% of their target raise in just the first half of their 60-day campaign. They are forecasted to launch by the end of 2023.

From a tea apothecary vending farmers markets and music festivals to a cannabis company headed to Massachusetts dispensaries, the two familiar faces behind Coastal Roots are committed to bringing clean, safe edibles to market without harmful additives and chemicals, something the co-founder, Brandon Lynch feels is largely missing from the current Massachusetts industry.

Commenting on the current market, Coastal Roots co-founder Brandon Lynch said, “I’ve been a cannabis enthusiast for nearly half my life and have always been experimenting with edibles in the kitchen. Being good to my body is important to me, especially since I lost my dad at 52 to alcohol so it’s been disappointing to see such a lack of quality ingredient edibles on the shelves. Even the companies who tout “natural” ingredients still seem to have questionable additives that my wife and I just won’t eat.”

If you are interested in meeting the faces behind the brand, Coastal Roots is hosting a virtual Meet & Greet on Monday, February 13th at 7PM. Details.

You can also catch the two on March 3rd sponsoring the Cirque Du Funk Festival at Soundcheck Studios to celebrate the end of their Mainvest campaign!

Samantha Lynch
Coastal Roots, LLC

About Coastal Roots, LLC: The newlywed founders have their roots in the South Shore, lending to their mission of supporting the local community at every corner. From sourcing local ingredients to collaborating with Massachusetts businesses, Coastal Roots is determined to set itself apart from every other cannabis brand in the state, a mission to become the face of cannabis on the South Shore. To support a local start-up company, visit their campaign here, https://mainvest.com/b/coastal-roots.