‼️ And the answer is…85%.
More details are here.
‼️ And the answer is…Dry Volume. Still a little confused? More details are here.
‼️ And the answer is…8 feet 3.3 inches. Yikes! Here’s the record holder info.
Should I Peel My Beets?

❓Yes, always         ❓No, it doesn’t matter

Bowl of Beets
‼️ And the answer is…No need it to peel your beets (or carrots or potatoes or…), especially if they’re local and organic. In fact, sometimes they are more nutritious when you leave the peel on. Read Bon Appetites tips on skipping this tedious step here
Always Shiny Side In…or is it out?
When cooking on aluminum foil, you should always have the shiny side inside when wrapping food or facing up! 

❓True         ❓False        ❓It Doesn’t Matter

‼️ And the answer is…It doesn’t matter.

From Fine Cooking: Most people think it matters whether aluminum foil is used shiny side up or down, but the surprising truth is that it doesn’t make a difference. The variation is a result of the manufacturing process—the shiny side comes in contact with highly polished steel rollers, and the matte side doesn’t. The appearance has no effect on how the foil performs.



Did you realize that there is one strand of silk for each corn kernel? On average how many kernels/silk strands are there on one ear of corn?

❓800         ❓900        ❓1000

The answer is 800! Check out this and other Corn Facts on SweetCornFest.com.


⏬⏬⏬⏬ Stay Curious! ⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬

What is a Vinegar Shrub?

❓A small bush that grows grapes used to make vinegar

❓A syrup made from fruit, sugar, vinegar and mixed with soda water

❓Wine that has turned bad and can be used to fertilize your garden

‼️ And the answer is…A syrup made from fruit, sugar, vinegar and mixed with soda water. Get our recipe for a mulberry shrub here, and while you’re there, learn how and why to grow your own mulberry tree. 

⏬⏬⏬⏬ Stay Curious! ⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬

Edible? What is it?

Curly, best eaten cooked or pickled but can be eaten raw, available primarily at farmers’ markets
❓Strawberry Runners   ❓Heirloom Bean   ❓Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes‼️ And the answer is…Garlic Scapes.

From Yankee Magazine: Sprouting out of the ground in late spring, garlic scapes are thin, curly, green stems, resembling grass or wild onions. Growers cut them off to allow more of the plant’s resources to stay focused within the bulb. The young ones are tender and delicious. They generally have a milder taste than the cloves, similar to shallots or chives. They can be diced up finely and added to various dishes for extra flavor, or sautéed in olive oil and enjoyed on their own.

What local farm was recently featured on a TV commercial?

4 Town Farm   Plato’s Harvest   Cluck & Trowel


Cluck & Trowel

‼️ And the answer is…Cluck & Trowel!This South Coast farm was chosen by East Boston Savings Bank to be featured in their most recent commercial.


Is Rhubarb classified as a

 ❓Fruit       ❓Vegetable



‼️ And the answer is…well, kind of both. Sorry, trick question. 

Rhubarb is technically a vegetable, but is legally considered a fruit. In 1947 a New York court declared rhubarb a fruit because it’s most often cooked as one in the United States (and, it’s said, because it was a way to save businesses who imported these stalks from spending additional money on taxes). Referenced from this website.

Remember to eat only the stems, not the leaves.


Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Adding which of the following makes for seriously fluffy scrambled eggs?

❓Mayonnaise   ❓Water   ❓Lemon Juice

‼️ And the answer is…lemon juice.

Whipping the eggs beforehand with some acid such as lemon juice can create a stiffer structure that holds air bubbles,” Jackson says. Add a few squeezes of lemon just before you slide your eggs into a pan, and presto—the acidity acts as a catalyst that creates and supports that perfect, airy puff.” Well and Good


Fiddlehead Fern

Most ferns make fronds that look like the fiddlehead, but not all ferns are edible. Which variety of fern produces the most popular edible fiddlehead?

❓Leatherleaf Fern    ❓Ostrich Fern   ❓Sword Fern

Ostrich Fern Fiddleheads, rinsed in colander, and ready to cook.

Fiddleheads, rinsed in colander, and ready to cook.

‼️ And the answer is…Ostrich Fern

From MotherEarthGardener.com:  Here in the Northeast, the predominant species for fiddlehead harvest is the Ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris). Many ferns make edible fiddleheads, but those of the Ostrich fern is unique, surrounded as they are by papery brown husks from which the developing frond emerges. They can be further identified by the smooth stem and deeply indented, U-shaped groove inside each stem. Each tender, succulent coil is about an inch in diameter. The whole thing, including 2 or 3 inches of stem supporting the coil, is the part you pick and eat.