Welcome to the delicious world of pickled everything. If you are partial to pickles, you need to meet pickle pioneer Lorraine ‘Nana Pickles’ Connell of The Pretentious Pickle Company. She has pickles to please any palate. Plucky pickle lovers can’t get enough of the pickled cherry peppers stuffed with horseradish cheese and prosciutto. If your passion is pickle juice (step aside Gatorade), or you have a proclivity for pickled carrots, eggs, crunchy onions, beets, mushrooms, or garlic, Lorraine has a provision for you. Visit the store, try one pickle, try them all—join a growing list of patrons who pick Pretentious Pickle products for their pantry. Peace and Pickles.

The Pretentious Pickle Country Store
190 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360
(781) 799-9240