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The winner will be chosen at random from all readers who clicked through to this page. This offer is exclusively for our e-news readers. 

The winner will be announced in TIDINGS next week (first name and last initial only) and we will reach out by email to let you know you’ve won.

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Since March 2021 we’ve supported our local food businesses by purchasing $2550+ in gift cards and giving them away to TIDINGS readers by random drawing.
Past Winners:
5/30/23 Linda V. won the 4-pack of tickets to Plimoth Cinema.
5/14/23 Maureen M. won a $50 gift card to Pure Head Spa
5/7/23 Arthur won a copy of Everyday Bread by America’s Test Kitchen
5/23 Congrats to Anya Z. for winning the $50 Gift certificate to Osamequin Farm in Seekonk!
5/16/22 Congrats to Christine T. for winning the $50 gift certificate to Makepeace Farms.
04/25/22…Congrats to Laura daS $50 Gift card to Davoll’s General Store!
2/23/22 Congrats to Erica St. G for winning the $50 gift card to Rye Tavern!
2/16/22  Congrats to Bill M. for winning the Trucchi’s Supermarkets gift card. Read our article about the family-owned and operated stores here.
2/8/22 Janet C. won the  $50 Gift card to Dillon’s Local
2/1/22 Patti H. won the gift Card to Study hall 101.
1/18/22 Katrina B. won the free one-year subscription to us: Edible South Shore & South Coast! 
1/11/22 Debbie R. the $50 gift card to Trucchi’s Supermarkets.
1/4/22…Bevery C. won our giveaway this week is a $50 gift card to Stomping Grounds Grille!  See a few photos from our recent visit.
12/22/21…Eva D. won the $50 gift card to Holly Hill Farm! 
12/7/21 Jan P-T won the $50 gift certificate to  Rosa’s Food Shoppe. 
11/23/21…Lynn W. won the $50 gift card to To Trucchi’s Grocery Store.
11/23/21 Tanya T. won the $50 gift card to Trucchi’s Grocery Store.
11/12/21…Wynn G. a $50 gift card to The Atlantic Bistro in Marion.
10/28/21 Theresa P., Janice S., and Bizz King won print subscriptions to eSS&SC, $144 value.
10/19/21 Donna F. won the $50 gift card to C.N.Smith Farm in E. Bridgewater.
10/08/21 Eileen V. won the $50 gift card to Carmella’s in Kingston.
9/29/21 Denise M. won the $50 gift card to Grill 151 in Weymouth.
9/22/21 Diane G.  two tickets to Oktoberfest.
9/21/21 Susan C. won the gift card to The Pretentious Pickle Company in Plymouth
9/14/21 Bob H. won our $50 Gift Certificate giveaway to Cheever Tavern in Norwell
8/30/21 Nalini S. won the $50 gift card to Los Jefes Comida in Taunton
8/03/21 larry R. won the free subscription to eSS&SC
7/27/21 Marie S. won the $50 gift card to Elliot Farm in Lakeville
7/27/21 Robin B. won the gift card to The Tasty in Plymouth
7/20/21 Maura won a $50 gift certificate to  Simpson Spring
7/13/21  Robin A. won the gift card to Bramhall’s Country Store.
6/29/21 April C. won the $50 gift card to Dough Co in New Bedford.
6/21/21 Leah W. won the $50 gift card to Trucchi’s Supermarkets.
6/8/21 Kathleen W. won the $50 gift card to Barker Tavern.
6/1/21 Hannah B. won a $50 gift card to Atlantic Bistro in Marion.
5/24/21 Larry R. $50 to Bramhalls’ in Plymouth.
5/24/21 Anya Z. $50 to Alba on 53 in Hanover.
5/14/21 Barbara F. won a $50 Gift Card to the Cushing Cafe in Middleboro.
4/05/21 Wynn C. won a $50 Gift Card to the Lorenzo’s in Middleboro.
4/27/21 Louis C won a $50 Gift Card to Dave’s Diner in Middleboro.
4/20/21 Donna P won a $60 Gift Card to the Tasty in Plymouth.
4/13/21 Tara C. won a $50 gift card to The Barker Tavern
4/06/21 Purple Haze, of a $25 gift card to Fedele’s Chocolate
3/15/21 Congrats to Amy H who claimed one of the March Chocolate prizes.
2/15/12 Congrats to Paula of Plymouth who claimed the February Chocolate prize.
1/15/21 Sherri from Lakeville won a gift card to Local Pottery in Norwell
Janet in E. Weymouth won a gift card to Local Pottery in Norwell
Dot from Brant Rock won a gift card to Partners Village Café and Bookstore, Westport
Ann in Attleboro won a gift card to Barker Tavern, Scituate
Linda in Plymouth won a gift card to Bongi’s Turkey Roost, Duxbury