Garden to Garnish in Hanson is a former apple orchard turned farm and apiary. Home to local chef Tina Conte and her partner Jennifer Collett, they provide local residents and businesses with honey, eggs, and specialized seasonal produce.

The farm focuses on organic practices to grow a diverse and sustainable series of seasonal crops. Tina intentionally times and pairs her crops to leverage the natural symbiotic relationships that promote plant health and generate higher yields. Garden to Garnish does not use commercial fertilizers or insecticides. They develop their own fertilizing “teas” and natural insect repellents on site.

The farm is also home to a variety of rescued farm animals including goats, pigs, sheep, chickens, and hens. These animals serve important roles in the life of the farm by contributing to compost, managing pests, and consuming damaged produce.

Tina and Jen are grateful for the community of friends and neighbors, including Lori Cogan and her children, who help to keep all of the animals happy. The farm also relies on the tireless efforts of its canine employees Toby, Lily, and Laylah, who work hard to protect the chickens from coyotes and provide companionship to family and guests.



Garden to Garnish

The custom beehives shown were created by Garden To Garnish. They were pictured and should have been captioned that way in our spring 2017 “Pollinators” article by David Kelman.

Garden to Garnish
312 East Washington Street
Hanson, MA 02341
(508) 635-3425