A: We understand why you ask, however, don’t make any type of arrangements like this. We feel that our readers, and ourselves, highly value editorial with integrity and when we make deals around our editorial coverage it compromises our ethics. We believe the perspective can be skewed when deliberate deals are made. Our editorial is singularly based on subjects our readers have expressed an interest in and our advertisers are businesses that have chosen to support our work within their marketing budget.

As you read through eSS&SC you will see that we will occasionally notate or quote our advertisers or list them as resources. Some editorial content does naturally lend itself to writing about advertisers however one is never dependent on the other. Our advertisers are usually the experts in their field and have important experiences and points-of-view and it makes sense to interview them when researching articles within their particular business realm.

Q: How do we select our editorial then?

A: Any individual, freelance writer, or representative of a company is free to suggest story ideas by emailing media releases or comments to editor@edibleSouthShore.com.

This policy of editorial integrity is fundamental to maintaining the high quality of our publication, the trust of our readers, and the value of advertising with us.