By Elle Maynard.

Update: Local Provisions has ceased home delivery, although they continue to offer a wholesale option.

Fishing for new recipes? A delivery from start-up Local Provisions may be all it takes to get hooked on adding seafood to your menu!

Tacos Photo: Paula Marcoux

According to Ryan Ross, Founder and CEO of Duxbury-based Local Provisions, “We are in the business of making local seafood more accessible and transparent. We are also building connections with our local communities by telling the stories and honoring the craft of those who bring the catch from boat to dock to table.”

A recent graduate of Babson College’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business, Ryan credits a professor’s suggestion to “identify a problem and create a solution” as the inspiration for Local Provisions. As he sought out ways to support small businesses, he says, “I was surprised to find it difficult to support our local fishermen. Although we live in an area with pristine waters and a vibrant fishing community, most of the seafood sold in our coastal communities is imported. The inaccessibility of local seafood just did not make sense.”

This challenge led him to reconnect with Jared Auerbach, whom he met at Babson. As CEO of Red’s Best, Jared created a way for consumers to have direct access to fresh New England seafood. Headquartered on the Boston Fish Pier, Red’s Best utilizes innovative technology that reduces the distance between fisherman and customer. Ryan explains, “Through Jared, I learned that nearly 70% of local fish is purchased at restaurants. With the advent of the Covid pandemic, the restrictions placed on restaurants had a devastating effect on the local fishing industry.”

With a problem identified, Ryan created a solution—a strategic partnership with Red’s Best that would extend distribution directly to consumers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. He notes, Local Provisions is an authorized reseller of Red’s Best. Amplifying the message of Red’s Best is a win for both fishermen and the greater community.”

In October, Local Provisions began delivery. Fish is delivered frozen and comes with relevant catch data including species, port of origin, vessel name, fisherman, and fishing gear used… details that provide for interesting dinner conversation. As the business catches hold, plans are to cast a wider net that will include delivery of fresh seafood and shellfish.

Tacos Photo: Paula Marcoux

Are you ready to get hooked? Visit Local Provisions on Facebook and Instagram. Orders can be placed via the website and deliveries are made twice each week—right to your door. The delivery area is ever-expanding, so check the website to see if your town is on the list. Need inspiration? The newsletter and website provide cooking tips and recipes, as well as stories of the boats, captains, and fishermen. Once hooked on the service, be sure to refer friends and family—you’ll be rewarded with a discount on your next order, as well as the knowledge that you are supporting the local fishing community!

Online feature: find the recipe for Acadian Redfish Tacos here.

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Local Provisions
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Elle Maynard enjoys a life lived along the New England shoreline and appreciates all that the coastal waters have to offer. Her family jumped on board to assist in the “research” for this article. All are hooked on the Redfish tacos.

Update: Local Provisions has ceased home delivery, although they continue to offer a wholesale option.