By Mandy McAndrews.

Photo: Mandy McAndrews

This small-batch barbecue sauce was created and perfected at a time when so many of us felt lost and unsure of what future entrepreneurial ventures would look like. Justin Reed, a captain in the Town of Hanover Fire Department, is the creator behind Boston’s Meat Grease, some of the best barbecue sauce you’ll ever taste.

While running a “pay it forward” meal service for people to purchase hot meals for families quarantined during the beginning of Covid-19, Justin created a barbecue sauce he would make and add to the meals. Turns out, a lot of the recipients became fast fans of this homemade sauce, and he was soon asked if it was available for purchase. It was in those uncharted pandemic times that Boston’s Meat Grease was born. This handcrafted, small-batch barbeque sauce is the perfect balance of smoky and sweet flavors that will complement any of your grilling meats this season. So don’t be shy, slather this “meat grease” onto everything.

Boston’s Meat Grease
201 Oak Street, Unit 1

Pembroke, MA 02359
(508) 209-1759

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