Photos and words by Mandy McAndrews.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but first, we need to run from store to crowded store and figure out who’s getting what and from where. Wow! I’m feeling stressed just thinking about it! But what if you had a curated list of giftable items from local businesses to help guide you. Go ahead, put your feet up and relax, as you continue to read through our top local picks that will help check names off that gift list of yours. Get more time back to enjoy family and friends this holiday season and less time fretting over what to get; just add a bow and be done!

Fedele’s Chocolates | 12 Piece Turtle Assortment Box, 7 oz Popular Chocolate Assortment Box, and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Gray’s Grist Mill | Pancake & Waffle Mix 1 lb bag and Polenta Coarse Ground 1 lb bag

Craft Beer Cellar Plymouth | 24 Day Beer or Wine Advent Calendars

SalterieOne | Classic Sea Salt Spoon Jar and Seasonal Sea Salt Sampler

Better Grains Bakery | Holiday Cookie Decorating Kit


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