by Mandy McAndrews.

Photo: Mandy McAndrews

Revival Farm is owned by Justin and Kathryn Shepard and is located in Plympton, where the couple raises high-quality pastured pigs. It’s a small, cozy farm built on love and passion. They knew it was love when they first met and spoke of the animals they each had raised when they were young. When the opportunity arose to purchase an old, beat-up farm needing some TLC, they accepted the challenge and created a farm of their own, restoring an 1840s Greek Revival farmhouse in the process. Revival Farm is now home to dozens of pigs living their best life out in their pasture, soaking up the sun and rolling in the mud.

Happy, healthy pigs mean high-quality pork cuts for you to enjoy with your family and friends. With a multitude of cuts available, you’ll be certain to find whatever you’re looking for to meet all of your pork needs.

Revival Farm
6 Cross Street

Plympton, MA 02367
(781) 254-0527

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