By Mandy McAndrews.

Add a dash of excitement to your gifts this holiday with these lavish sea salts from SalterieOne, previously known as Duxbury Saltworks. Their top-shelf gifts will make any chef or home cook do a happy dance as they prep and season their favorite meals in the kitchen. Locally harvested, small-batch sea salt is one of the freshest ways to add flavor to any meal, and your favorite cook will be delighted to receive them. The varieties in their 5-pack Seasonal Sea Salt Sampler will make for fun and scrumptious experiments, taste-testing four salt blends as well as their classic sea salt. Looking to make a statement with your gift? We recommend the 5.8 oz Classic Sea Salt Spoon Jar set, which comes complete with a gorgeous glass jar, cork top, and mini wooden spoon, all wrapped up in an adorable gift box. All you’ll need is a bow!

403 Washington St.
Duxbury, MA 02332
(781) 257-6044

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