Past South Shore Locavore Gatherings:

Beyond Cape Cod Potato Chips & Sam Adams Beer: How to eat locally in the middle of winter.

Celebrate our Local Heroes! Last fall you voted and told us loud and clear who your food heroes are. On March 28th meet the winners, be inspired by their stories, and share in their successes and challenges

Cranberries and Bogs. Discover what is actually involved in maintaining those beautiful bogs you drive by every day, and learn how can you make the most of the harvest and support your local cranberry growers. Also, hear about the amazing health benfits of that little berry and creative ways of using them in your recipes.

Dairy Day: Local milk, raw milk, cheese.

Dirty Meeting: Exploring the importance of soil health and compost in your garden. Read a wrap up here

Drink Local! Meet local beverage artisan’s like Travessia Urban Winery, Simpson Spring, Front Street Gourmet, coffee roasters, and brewers.

Egg-cellent Chickens and Eggs!: Understand the important differences between eggs and chickens raised locally and the products of industrial chicken farming. And hear about the joys and challenges of raising chickens in your own backyard.

Free range meat. Why eat it; what makes it different?

Going Local 101: Eating from your own backyard.

Loca-what? Loca-vore! Sustainable? Organic? Carbon footprint? Free-range meat? Where does your food come from? And why should you care?These buzz words will be demystified by local organic farmer Ron Maribett, who, for the last decade, has worked to revive organic and sustainable farming on the South Shore.

Local Cheese! Join Bob and Mary from The Bloomy Rind shop in Hingham in a tasting of local and domestic cheese.

Local Waters: Aquaculture, Oysters, Clamming, Fishing..

RAW! RAW! RAW!: The amazing health benefits of raw and fermented foods. Read our spring 2011 edible SOUTH SHORE article on Raw foods here and fermented foods here.

Slow Money, Slow Food, Slow Cooking

Interested in starting your own food group? For a small fee can help you with all the logistics: from topics, to speakers, to handouts, to food sampling. Email for more information