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Edible Experience • There in the Distance…

An Oyster Farm to Ocean Table Adventure There is something about the ephemeral nature of seasons in New England that makes us appreciate each of their qualities. We come out of winter’s hibernation and soak in the sun. Fall is...

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Queen Bee and the ‘Art’ of Beekeeping

When you think about a queen, images of crowns and castles from movies and books probably come to mind. And yes, there are some similarities to the honeybee queen and our historical and fairytale queens. She is a powerful ruler...

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Slaughterhouse 2015

by Julia powers For omnivores, there is a step from farm to table that is so difficult to consider, many choose to ignore it. Although we realize at some level that for us to eat meat an animal has to be slaughtered, most of us...

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Edible Notables by Mike Gioscia SOULE HOMESTEAD Surely you should see a sheep sheared! If you never have, you’ll have your chance once again at the 15th annual Soule Homestead Sheep Day, when the sheep on the farm get their...

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Edible Notables by Dee Levanti Matt’s Blackboard, the creation of seasoned local chef, Matt Gurney, opened in 2008 and was inspired by his more than 20 years as a professional chef. Matt let his passion for fresh food take the...

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Grist for the Mill Spring 2015

Are the 2015 winter snow storms old news by now? We hope so. However we still find ourselves compelled to remind our readers of the impact the recent winter has had on our local businesses. Local businesses need our help; they...

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This past fall my youngest child, Ben, entered kindergarten. A bittersweet time. From the time my daughter, Abigail, was a toddler and Ben was just an infant, we have embarked on daily adventures together. We have loved them;...

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