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True Grist

by Paula Marcoux. Although we don’t remember it, we New Englanders used to eat hominy grits with at least as much enthusiasm and dedication as Southerners, only we termed our staple food samp, hasty-pudding, suppawn, mush*....

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Resources: Local Home Cooking

The Kingston Public Library and edible South Shore and South Coast present Local Home Cooking February 20, 2014 Books in the Old Colony Library Network Robin, Vicki. Blessing the hands that feed us: what eating closer to home...

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Local Hero Awards

edible South Shore LOCAL HERO AWARDS Picking singular Local Hero’s has proven to be very challenging given so many innovative, creative, hard-working food-providers in Southeastern Massachusetts. In place of voting once a...

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We’re all in this together. Do you have a passion for local food? Do you love our articles...

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December 27, 2011 Potluck Resources List

South Shore Locavores Holiday Pot Luck Helpful resources mentioned at the December 27, 2011 Potluck Note: lots of these organizations have Facebook pages as well as websites BlogsDiary of a Locavore Has...

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