Kingston Public Library and edible South Shore magazine


South Shore Locavores: Edible Landscaping and Permaculture

April 18, 2013


Books Available in the Old Colony Library Network:

Paradise Lot: two plant geeks, one-tenth of an acre, and the making of an edible garden oasis in the city   by Eric Toensmeier and Jonathan Bates, 2012.

The vegetable gardener’s guide to permaculture: creating an edible ecosystem by Christopher Shein, 2013.

The beautiful edible garden: design a stylish outdoor space using vegetables, fruits and herbs by Leslie Bennett, 2013.

The mini farming guide to vegetable gardening: self-sufficiency from asparagus to zucchini by Brett Markham, 2012.

Edible landscaping by Rosalind Creasy, 2010.

Gaia’s garden: a guide to home-scale permaculture 2nd edition by Toby Hemenway, 2009.

Perennial vegetables from artichoke to zuiki taro, a gardener’s guide to over 100

delicious easy to grow edibles by Eric Toensmeier, 2007.

Edible forest gardens by Dave Jacke, 2005.


Websites: Food Forest Farm, Holyoke, MA. Eric Toensmeier’s website. Edible gardening basics and much more. Worldwide Permaculture Network. UMass Permaculture Initiative.

In The News:

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