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All About Goats, March 20, 2014

Books in the Old Colony Library Network

The Whole Goat Handbook: recipes, cheese, soap, crafts and more by Janet Hurst, 2013.

The complete idiot’s guide to raising goats by Ellie Winslow, 2011.

The backyard goat: an introductory guide to keeping productive pet goats by Sue Weaver, 2011.

Living with goats: everything you need to know to raise your own backyard herd by Margaret Hathaway, 2010.

Storey’s guide to raising dairy goats: breeds, care, dairying and marketing 4th ed, New ed. byJerome D. Belanger, 2010.

How to raise goats: everything you need to know: meat, milk, fiber and pet goats, breed guide and purchasing, proper care & healthy feeding, showing advice, by Carol A. Amundson, 2009.

Websites American Dairy Goat Association, resources for goat owners. Goatchat, message forum, articles on all things goat, buying-selling, learning. Goat farming facts and information. Classes, events, hands-on information. Public policy, research and sustainable production of the goat industry.

In The News

Seltz, Johanna. “Green Brush -Clearing Machines, Goats Tackle Jobs Too Thorny for Human Crews.” The Boston Globe, October 20, 2013. 

Von Weber-Hahnsberg, Angela. “Goat Milk Magic, an Amazing Elixir.” Dairy Goat Journal, September/October 2012.

Johnson, Lance. “Top five reasons to use goat milk soap.” Natural  News , June 14, 2013.