Kingston Public Library and
edible South Shore & South Coast
Present South Shore Organics March 17, 2016 

Maine Grains

Chemical free, organic options

Stone ground to preserve nutrition – slow turning keeps the process cool which improves natural performance

Vermont Soap Co

Liquid Castille soap Certified organic

Natural ingredients (read label)

Bee’s Wrap

Bees wax, jojoba oil,and tree resin Organic cotton

Bees wax has anti microbialandantibacterialproperties (it keeps honey fresh after all)

Equal Exchange

Worker owned – worker cooperative with alternative for profit model,transparency Fairly traded goods

Mei Mei

Food truck, shipping container, and restaurants Use of local ingredients

Fresh Meadows cranberries, Cooks Farms fruit, Bobo’s Mountain Sugar maple Marinating, dipping, grilling, seasoning for meats and vegetables

Meggies Farm

Chemical free Retirement project

Chili peppers are their specialty Farm grown, dried, and ground Rehoboth, MA

Farm Fresh

Started with funding to create a food hub through a purchasing and delivery platform At risk youth in juvenile justice systems team up with farmers

Carr’s Cider House

Handcrafts small batch barrel-aged hard ciders and cider-based pantry products Use local apples out of Mt Warner in Massachusetts

Slow Tractor Farm

Grain farm, heirloom varietals of barley Malted beers – truly local!

Grateful Garden

Todd Breittenstein, if you meet him, you will absorb his passion Sustainable gardening and supplies

Sustainable gardening and supplies

The Kitchen Garden

Organic farm in Sunderland, MA

25 acres of organic farm, started on just 1acre in Hadley Rich river bottom soil

Books in the Old Colony Library Network

Francis, Amy. Organic Food, 2015.

Cotter,Tradd. Organic mushroom farming and mycoremediation: simple to advanced & experimental techniques for indoor and outdoor cultivation, 2014.

Fossel, Peter V. Organic farming: how to raise, certify, and market organic crops and livestock, 2014.

Laufer, Peter. Organic: a journalist’s quest to discover the truth behind food labeling, 2014.

Nolan, Jeanne. From the ground up: a food- growers’ education in life, love and the movement

that is changing the nation, 2013.

Barney, Danny L. Storey’s Guide to growing organic orchard fruits for market: market home

production site and crop selection planting, care and harvesting business basics, 2013.


Websites  Local and organic: farm fresh to you.   Organic Consumers Assn. All about organics: OCA Resource Center.   Northeast Organic Farming Assn.     Organic Farming Research Foundation.   Listing of organic farms in Massachusetts.  Model of small-scale sustainable agriculture.


In The News

Grossman, Elizabeth. “New Science confirms: if you eat organic you’ll be exposed to fewer pesticides.” February 5, 2015.

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