Kingston Public Library and edible South Shore magazine present
Keeping Chickens in Your Backyard, January 2014

Books in the Old Colony Library Network

Chickens for the backyard homesteader: the essential guide to choosing and keeping happy, healthy hens by Suzie Baldwin, 2013.

Once upon a flock: life with my soulful chickens  by Lauren Scheuer, 2013

The chicken whisperer’s guide to keeping chickens: everything you need to know and didn’t know about backyard and urban chickens by Andy Schneider, 2011.

Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens by Gail Damerow, 2010.

Keeping Pet Chickens: bring your backyard to life and enjoy the bounty of fresh eggs from your own small flock of happy hens by Johannes Paul, 2005

Websites  Learning center, community blogs, breeds, coop designs.  Sharing information on backyard chickens.  Chickens in a local urban setting, services, training, classes.  Best management practices for backyard poultry keepers.  Safe egg handling practices. Department of Agriculture Poultry Program. Cornell’s Small Farm resources has great info:

Buying Chickens and Supplies Bridgewater Farm Supply, chicks and more  Baby chicks, coops, accessories, information.   Morrison’s, a local resource for chicks and supplies. Chicks, supplies, equipment.   Poultry fences, feeders, supplies.  Local backyard chicken supplies. Do-it-yourself chicken fence kits


Town of Barnstable Agricultural Commission. Keeping Backyard Chickens, 2011

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Sullivan, Patricia and Julie Zauzmer. “Backyard hens have residents clucking.” The Washington Post, July 12, 2013.

Long, Cheryl. “Backyard chickens for the best eggs ever.” Mother Earth News, December 2012.

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