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Present South Shore Organics: a Few of Our Favorite Things

October 17, 2013.

Books in the Old Colony Library Network

Nolan, Jeanne. From the ground up: a food- growers’ education in life, love and the movement  that is changing the nation, 2013.

Barney, Danny L. Storey’s Guide to growing organic orchard fruits for market: market home  production site and crop selection planting, care and harvesting business basics, 2013.

Bates, R.P. Ingredients: the local food movement takes root. DVD, 2011.

Hansen, Ann Larkin. The organic farming manual: a comprehensive guide to starting and  running a certified organic farm, 2010.

Coleman, Eliot. The winter harvest handbook: year -round vegetable production using deep-  organic techniques and unheated greenhouses. 2009.

Websites  (closed)  Local and organic: farm fresh to you.   Organic Consumers Assn.   Northeast Organic Farming Assn.   Organic Farming Research Foundation  Listing of organic farms in Massachusetts     Model of small-scale sustainable agriculture.

In the news

Zerbe, Leah. “Organic is worth it-and here’s why.” Rodale News, May 8,

Aubrey, Allison. “Why organic food may not be healthier for you.” NPR: The Salt, Sept. 12, 2012.

Would Americans be better off eating a mostly organic diet?” Wall Street Journal Online, June 16, 2013. Opposing sides weigh in.

Products and vendors from South Shore Organics Favorite Things list

Pam Denholm presented favorite products carried at her store at 965 Washington St (Rt 53 – at the Old Cider Mill), Hanover. Store hours are:

Wednesdays Noon- 6pm
Thursdays & Fridays 10am to 6pm
Saturdays 9am to 5pm
Sundays 10am to 2pm

Blackbird Farm Smithfield RI  beef and eggs
Narragansett Creamery RI cheeses and yogurt
Daniele Foods nitrate free uncured local meets like salami and pancetta
Providence Granola Project granolas, support for third-world refugees
Maine Grains rolled oats, wheat berries
Fenugreen Fresh Paper keep your produce fresher for longer
Marshfield Trading Post personal care products
Brown Boar Farm pork products
Summit 6 Pasta Sauce pasta sauces
Equal Exchange  chocolates, fair trade practices
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