Kingston Public Library and edible South Shore & South Coast

present Pigs, Glorious Pigs, with Sam Hainer

Thursday, March 16th 7 pm

Books in the Old Colony Library Network – and there are MANY more!

Shankland, Liz. Pig Manual: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Pigs, 2011.

Hobson, J. C. Jeremy. Keeping Pigs: The Complete Practical Guide for Pleasure or Profit, 2011.

Hasheider, Philip. How to Raise Pigs: Everything You Need to Know, 2008.

Wooster, Chuck. Living With Pigs: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Porkers, 2008.

Klober, Kelly. Storey’s Guide to Raising Pigs, 1997.

Danforth, Adam. Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork: The Comprehensive Photographic Guide to Humane Slaughtering and Butchering, 2014.

Ruhlman, Michael. Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing, 2013

Weaver, Sue. Hobby Farm Animals: A Comprehensive Guide to Raising Beef Cattle, Chickens, Goats, Pigs, Rabbits, and Sheep, 2015.

Hansen, Ann Larkin. The Organic Farming Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Running a Certified Organic Farm, 2010.

eBook. Weaver, Sue. Homegrown Pork, 2013.

Websites – this is just a sampling. You can easily find many more.


Norwell Farms

The Livestock Conservancy

The National Center for Home Food Preservation

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

Amazing Ribs

Beginning Farmers

Grit Rural American Know-how 


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