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CoffeeVores: Local Sources for a Distant Product December 19, 2013

Books in the Old Colony Library Network

Coffee: a comprehensive guide to the bean, the beverage and the industry  by Robert W.  Thurston, 2013.
Coffee –Philosophy for Everyone: grounds for debate by Scott F.  Parker, 2011.
The joy of coffee: the essential guide to buying, brewing and enjoying by Corby Kummer, 2003.
Coffee talk: the stimulating story of the world’s most popular brew by Morton Satin, 2010.
The coffee book: anatomy of an industry from crop to the last drop by Gregory Dicum, 1999.
The new complete coffee book: a gourmet guide to buying, brewing and cooking by Sara Perry, 2001.
Uncommon grounds: the history of coffee and how it transformed our world by Mark Pendergrast, 1999.
Javatrekker: dispatches from the world of fair trade coffee by Dean Cycon, 2007.

Websites  International Coffee Organization.  Vanderbilt Institute for Coffee Studies.   National Coffee Association USA.   Fair Trade USA.   Tea and Coffee Trade Journal.   Sustainable coffee project.   A nonprofit that supports coffee-farming communities    James Hayes-Bohanan’s Geography of Coffee website   Coffee & Conversation blog, from an ornithologist with a strong interest in the environment
Selva Negra   Coffee farm in Nicaragua

Coffee Companies with Good Social or Environmental Practices

Jim’s Organic Coffee                                     
Sweet Maria’s Home Coffee Roasting
Equal Exchange                                                         
Java Vino
Counter Culture Coffee                                               
Terroir Coffee
Coffee CSA                                                   
Thanksgiving Coffee


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