Are the 2015 winter snow storms old news by now? We hope so. However we still find ourselves compelled to remind our readers of the impact the recent winter has had on our local businesses. Local businesses need our help; they cannot weather localized storms as well as national companies. The Boston Globe reported that the snows cost Massachusetts companies more than $1 billion in lost sales and productivity (http://tinyurl.com/lbvcy82).

Please, when out of the house this spring, do some local shopping: share a meal, buy a bunch of flowers, a new book, and a special unexpected treat for a friend. Appreciate the fresh air and your ability to pull out of your driveway or go for a walk without risking your life (due to towering snowbanks)!

In this issue we have three ideas for special meals that support local businesses and celebrate the season. For starters consider the local oyster. Bill Braun explores the history of our South Coast oyster culture. Did you realize that the US imports 80% of its seafood? That is just crazy! We are lucky to live in an area where the Atlantic is less than an hour from any point in our community.

And of course with spring comes the traditional Easter Ham. It always amazes us how our seasonal traditions are tied to historical practicality. The salted ham was born out of necessity; animal feed was slim in winter so animals were slaughtered in fall and the glut of meat would spoil without preservation. Enter the salt cure and the by-product: the Easter Ham.

We have to admit that one of the most memorable meals we’ve enjoyed since starting eSS&SC was the cooking of the Copicut game hens and the fare that followed. It was a classic example of the whole being so much more than the sum of its parts. Everyone was involved in the unique cooking process while also enjoying the fi re, learning, and laughing. A perfect meal.

We wish you a cheerful springtime with friends and family, enjoying local food and drink, and whenever possible taking time for sprees and splurges locally.


Eat thoughtfully,

Laurie Hepworth & Michael Hart