Edible Notables

by Dee Levanti


–Jason Wentworth, Director of SEMAP

Jason Wentworth, the new Director of SEMAP, is coming to us via the local political scene. While working in politics, he participated in, and was a driving force behind state-wide legislation to support local agriculture in the form of the Buy Local campaign, (which has been hugely successful in connecting consumers with farmers across the state). In his new role, Jason can continue the work he is so passionate about. He sees agriculture as an issue that can bring people together, one that can benefit individuals and the community as a whole. Before he lunges forward with his own ideas for SEMAP, Jason has taken the opportunity to hear the voices of the community with a round of potlucks, creating a forum for farmers and consumers to speak out and voice their opinions about their needs and dreams for our local food system—is it improved distribution? A low interest micro-loan program? Perhaps a local currency? Check out their website to see what direction Jason and SEMAP are headed!


Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership

P.O. Box 80625
South Dartmouth, MA 02748
(617) 417-4050

Dee Levanti loves growing, eating, and sourcing quality food, working towards re-establishing a local food system and simply enjoying each and every step along the way, from seed to mouth.