Spring 2022

The bees are humming; robins chirping; trees and flowers blooming. Yes, Spring is here in all its glory. It’s time to bust open the windows and let the fresh air wash over us. It’s also a time to do some spring cleaning, begin seeding or planting, and make use of what is growing in our yards— whether weed or flower. And as many living things hibernated over the winter and beneath the snow, there is much regeneration happening underfoot in anticipation of Spring. Spring is the season where all that’s been in torpor once again comes to life.

In this issue, we focus on herbs and how to get the best spring uses out of them. We learn how to clean out our spice racks, utilizing the old in new ways (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—Happy Earth Day, April 22!). Foraging and gardening go hand-in-hand when we kick off our “Herbalism through the Seasons” column, as well as exploring how to enjoy nature’s bounty from our own backyard this season. Embracing the old and the new, we delve into “the incredible, edible egg.” (Start salivating over the recipes now.) And we explore a centuries-old general store that continues to embrace community values with its products and events.

Looking for chocolate for Easter and beyond, and new products with local roots? We’ve got you covered there too. With all this to celebrate, let’s toast to Spring with a local brew that uses local honey as one of its main ingredients. Finally, the Edible Communities Signature Section helps to demystify food labels and discusses what’s happening behind the scenes of the labels we read.

Spring is in the air. As the rigors of the world still swirl around us, let us plant and grow anew, helping to sustain our local communities while reaching out to those who need our support globally. Let Spring be the season of new beginnings in the most positive of ways.

Eat thoughtfully,

Terry Vandewater, Assistant Editor

Laurie Hepworth & Michael Hart