Step into spring with fresh articles, recipes, and photographs from eSS&SC.

Spring greets us with a welcomed freshness; a long overdue reward after four Nor’easters. Fresh ideas bloom, and we are invigorated to try new things and reexamine our comfort zone. For all you wannabe bread bakers out there, this issue will make your dreams come true. And in Musings, we recognize that our season’s rituals are rooted in our childhood memories of spring. The season awakens all of our senses and sets off a spark of inspiration to discover more of the abundance that surrounds us.

Along with a fresh perspective, this spring offers those of us in southeastern Massachusetts new products to try and businesses to support. We explore the opening of People’s Pressed fresh juice café and the reopening of The Fisherman’s Market–both in New Bedford–as well as the introduction of four uniquely packaged organic soups to farmers’ markets and specialty stores from Fall River’s Blount Organics. Add to the mix Widowmaker Brewing in Braintree and a lovely selection of wines from Artis Winery in Pembroke, and you’ll be pointed in the right direction to taste the newest alcoholic libations on the market.

Fresh ideas are embraced in this issue as well. From the unique approach to farming and education at Round the Bend Farm to an environmentally friendly and locally manufactured innovative food storage material, Ovtene, we learn that thinking outside the box can build a sustainable community and keep our products fresher longer.

Recipes that scream freshness include grinding your own flour for exceptional home-baked bread, and Vietnamese spring rolls packed with fresh ingredients that perfectly replicate the tastes and textures of a delicate delight from Tonkin Bay. In addition, Couch Potato covers three cookbooks focusing on 1) how to make a meal based on what’s fresh at the market; 2) artisanal breads and pizza by making your own yeast; and 3) creating homemade stocks for broths, libations, and dishes.

And finally, we give a shout out to Trucchi’s Supermarkets on its 90th anniversary and a hearty thank you for serving the fine folks in our readership area for nine decades.

Spring is the time to shake off the layers, embrace the rebirth of nature around us, and seek out new taste and cooking experiences in southeastern Massachusetts. So without further ado, here is a fresh supply of stories, recipes, and photographs to celebrate Spring 2018.

Eat thoughtfully,

Terry Vandewater, Assistant Editor

Laurie Hepworth & Michael Hart