By Cheryl Farhart.

Mix it Up Kitchen Instructor, Sarah Leahey-Benjamin, reviews the recipe with young students.

When kids learn to cook, it gives them an appreciation for real food. Instead of reaching for processed foods or take-out, food choices are often healthier when meals are made from scratch. Cooking builds self-esteem and fosters relationships when cooking together. Without even realizing it, kids build their academic skills such as learning about different cultures, reading comprehension, math, and science. Maybe most important of all, it’s a time for kids to unplug from electronics and learn a life-long skill.

Cheryl Farhat embarked on her life-long passion and second career when she opened Mix It Up Kitchen in early 2016. Creating a community around food and teaching kids of all ages to cook and bake is her personal mission. Taco Tuesday is a family favorite, especially when her kids help cook them.