by S. Terry Vandewater


Lexie’s Gift—A Cookbook for Kids Living with Cancer

Hot off the presses comes the highly anticipated cookbook, Lexie’s Gift—A Cookbook for Kids Living with Cancer, published by the Magical Moon Foundation (Moon Lady Press). Not just any cookbook, Lexie’s Gift was written by 16-year-old Lakeville native Lexie Williams, who has been living with a rare brain cancer since she was three-and-a-half months old. Magical Moon Foundation is a non-profit organization in Marshfield that supports families and children faced with cancer and other life threatening conditions. Empowering children, or “Knights,” to find the warrior within, Magical Moon Foundation helps each child develop an individual mission using their personal journey to help build a healthy Earth Kingdom.

After two brain surgeries and two protocols of chemotherapy, Lexie searched for ways to become healthier without having to rely on chemotherapy. Thus, her individual mission focused on helping children conquer cancer through healthy eating, while avoiding foods that feed cancer. With the help of an amazing “Moon Spoon” team that included an oncologist, nutritionist, cook, author, and a cadre of taste testers, Lexie’s Gift—A Cookbook for Kids Living with Cancer was born. Under the direction and expertise of Georgia Manzo Joachim, author of Taste of it All and Celebrating the Mood of Food, and in collaboration with renowned nutritionist Mark Mincolla, Ph.D. (read interview on page 24), Lexie and her fellow Knights collected recipes and ideas using foods that taste great and also fight cancer.

The result is a groundbreaking illustrated cookbook containing 240 pages of fantastic-tasting recipes, all organic, that are healthy for the whole family and specifically for anyone with cancer. Lexie is walking proof that the recipes are a success, having received her best blood work ever after only 90 days of eating from the cookbook. From pastas to smoothies and breads to desserts, Lexie’s Gift contains over 80 recipes, including Bionic Blueberry Syrup, Rainbow Wraps, and Magical Moon Meatloaf. In addition, the cookbook is packed full of information on how to build a pantry of healing, alkaline ingredients.

At a cost of $25.00, Lexie’s Gift is available through, and at the Donna Green Magical Moon studio. All proceeds go to Lexie, the Magical Moon Foundation, and towards printing more books.

S. Terry Vandewater is a periodic contributor to eSS&SC. She combines her love for writing, food, and all-around good causes to create stories of interest. When not writing, Terry is the Varsity Coach for Duxbury High School Field Hockey.