by Elle Maynard

edible CHAT

Local natural health care practitioner Mark Mincolla, Ph.D. shares his opinions and inspiration on a variety of topics, including the release of his fifth book, his role in Lexie Williams’s new book (featured on page 14), and how he is remarkably able to retain his uplifting energy and dynamic spirit while juggling the demands of a busy schedule.

edible TOPIC: Your New Book, Whole 

MM: We launched the book with an incredible event at Buttonwood Books in Cohasset. I was stunned by the number of people who crowded into the store. The staff graciously pulled out more and more chairs as people continued to stream in. It was a great way to start off the year and the momentum continues as Whole Health is still selling well and will be released in paperback in September. I am currently writing the follow up book, The Whole Health Diet, which will be published in early 2015. While the sales and plans are exciting, my vision for this book has always been to leave a legacy so the message of personal empowerment can travel far beyond my limitations.


edible TOPIC: Your Practice

MM: My practice has always focused on the fact that we are all bio-energetically unique. Basically, what works for one person’s energy may not work for another—there is no one diet that works for everyone. My electromagnetic muscle testing (EMT) technique is remarkably accurate and anyone can master it in minutes. Once you realize that it really is pretty simple, it becomes fun to crack your own personal energy code, and you can pinpoint the foods that will make you feel better. Many people do come in for an appointment, but you can learn for yourself; the book provides the details. Locally, people are catching on and receptivity is happening. Over and over, I see patients who experience tremendous improvement in a short period of time, just by changing their diet. After 30 years, I’m finding that many who may have been detractors in the early days are now patients.


edible TOPIC: Lexie Williams’s Moon Spoon Team

MM: I was honored to play a role in Lexie’s journey and to play a consulting role with the Moon Spoon team. Lexie’s Gift—A Cookbook for Kids Living with Cancer is a beautiful book created by beautiful people. Her story carries an important message that our culture needs to hear. Many doctors recommend that cancer patients drink milk shakes and eat ice cream during treatment to increase calorie intake. Yet we know that the fermentation of sugar causes cancer cells to grow. It just doesn’t make any sense. Lexie’s experience flies in the face of traditional rationale for treatment and her recipes are a tribute to the path the she has chosen to undertake.


edible TOPIC: Just One Thing

MM: If you make one move to better your health, go organic. Consider moving to organic free-range poultry, wild fish, fruits, and vegetables. This is a big step for many, and a quantum leap for some, but much safer. Summer is a great time to begin, as so much is available locally.

edible TOPIC: Meals

MM: My day often starts with a smoothie. I stay away from grilling, so I tend to steam and sauté. Meals are simple—often bean dishes or wild fish and a salad dressed with olive oil and spices. I’m a big fan of spices—not only for taste, but for the nutritional value. They can’t be beat for packing in the nutrition. Desserts are fresh berries and cinnamon with a splash of rice milk.

edible TOPIC: In the Kitchen

MM: I’m Italian! What more can I say!?! I LOVE to cook. I grew up in a family with a strong European influence and both my mom and dad enjoyed cooking. Cooking is so much more than just the creation of a meal. It is an experience that I find relaxing and therapeutic and I’m in the kitchen daily. I believe that the energy the cook puts into the meal, the preparations, and even the cleaning up is important. I try to infuse meals with love so the energy carries over to my family.

edible TOPIC: On the Horizon

MM: One can’t retire from a calling and I have tremendous spiritual drive to do this work. It is my reason for living and I am excited to be living the results. Clearly a current of consciousness is sweeping the local area and it is so special to be part of the movement.




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Elle Maynard is a local food enthusiast and curious gardener who enjoys planting, growing, and sharing the harvest with family and friends.