Located off Route 140 in Taunton, a small diner sits aglow in the center of a massive, well-lit parking lot. Shining like a star atop a holiday tree, the neon sign sits high, heralding those hungry for a nostalgic dining experience to the Star Drive-In.

Inside, the walls are covered in brightly colored retro art. The décor, combined with scents of French fries and fried clams, makes the Star Drive-In feel like a flashback to the 1950’s. The menu features first-rate varieties of seafood, like lobster rolls, fried fish, and clam cakes—all locally sourced according to owner Erika Madden, who says she proudly purchases all fresh seafood from Mike Carver’s Seafood in Middleboro. The fish is served crisp, large portioned, and perfectly cooked. A Star Drive-In signature burger is another prominent menu item.

Dessert options are almost as mouthwatering as the entrées! A vast selection of ice cream flavors, both soft and hard serve, with numerous toppings to choose from and three types of cones make it 104035_EdibSout_Summer_I007possible (heck, desirable even!) for a patron to skip dinner altogether on a warm summer night and simply enjoy a dish of, say, New England’s own Grape- Nuts ice cream. Just as the meals are generously portioned thankfully, so is the ice cream.

Dinner and dessert are not the only reasons to venture out to the Star Drive-In. Special events are hosted throughout the summer, including a classic-car Mustang show in August. Regularly occurring “Cruise Nights” are held each Wednesday evening when buff , vintage autos fill the parking lot, and chrome gleams under the lights. DJ Johnny Angel spins dance tunes to complete the classic drive-in atmosphere of a good old-fashioned summer evening with dining, dancing, glitzy cars, and 5 star food104035_EdibSout_Summer_I008 and fun.

Star Drive-In
205 Myricks Street (Rte. 79)
East Taunton, MA 02779
(508) 822-7827
Facebook: The Star Drive In

Devin J. Irving is a freelance writer and a Seekonk native. Despite his insatiable sweet tooth, he enjoys organic food the best and will travel most anywhere to try something new!