Salivate!! That’s what this issue of eSS&SC will make you do. Whether you’re a local in search of a novel dining experience or an area visitor wanting to eat like the locals, we have you covered. We’ve highlighted more than 40 different restaurants on the South Shore and South Coast from take-out to farm-to-table, and everything in between. Our quest— tapping into and unearthing hidden gems that will whet your appetite.

In the busy summer months, take-out can be the perfect edible answer for a day on the beach, a wilderness hike, or just relaxing in your backyard. We give you a variety of ideas from which to choose all dependent on your palate.*

Got a boat? We’ve highlighted eateries where you can sail or motor to, tie up to the dock, and partake in libations and local seafood. You’ll be living the coastal dream this summer docking and dining across southeastern Massachusetts.

We also like to explore unique shops in the area, and when said shops have a café included in its footprint, we are equally enticed: cool shopping and great food…the epicurean mother lode. Soon you’ll be planning your next shopping trip with a lilt in your step.

If you’re looking for a totally local experience, eSS&SC features six farm-to-table dining ventures that fit the bill. With menus that change daily based upon our farmers’ yields, you can be eating the freshest food all summer long, and truly be the locavore you are or long to be.

Sometimes we just want something different. Whether dining at a local airport, catching breakfast at a hole-in-the-wall turned oasis, or sampling authentic South Korean fare you will be treated to scrumptious, unique meals that will tickle your taste buds. We also learn food trucks and breweries go hand-in-hand, and about the art of bartending from one of the South Shore’s leading mixologists.

So eat like a local this summer. These hidden gems are worth the trip, and may even be right around the corner. Walk, bike, boat, or drive to any of the featured locations and turn a humdrum meal into an adventure you’ll remember…and hopefully one you’ll want to repeat.

*Of course, Martha’s Eat Local was number one on our list of Take Out spots. However, between the first draft and layout, she retired. Martha holds a special place in our hearts. A decade ago, she was our first sales call for our premier edition. A legendary locavore, everyone said, “You have to see Martha.” We walked in ready to give our sales pitch and before we had the chance, Martha took out her checkbook and asked, “How much?” Martha’s support over the years for our southeastern Massachusetts community and eSS&SC has been motivational and inspiring. We wish her the best of luck!

Eat thoughtfully

Terry Vandewater, Assistant Editor