A cheerful spot that has it all: cool, seasonal accessories for the home, eclectic clothing, distinctive jewelry, adult and children’s books, toys, and even a Saturday morning farm stand. Organic vegetables and eggs also are abundant in the kitchen where breakfast (served all day), lunch, and take-out are prepared from scratch.

This busy spot focuses on good eating: a place where the community seems to buzz in and out all day, treading a well-worn path thru the shop to a bustling kitchen and café where locals crave their favorite tasty menu offerings and visitors will be glad to discover such a hidden gem serving delectable food. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find a Vietnamese Veggie sandwich with pickled veggies, sriracha, and hummus topped with more fresh veggies on a French baguette?!

Partners Village Store and Kitchen
865 Main Road

Westport, MA 02970
(508) 636-2572