Summer 2021

Wouldn’t it be an interesting world where ingenuity and innovation led to greater sustainability? And wouldn’t it be nice to live in a geographic area where altruism fed that ingenuity and led to increased sustainability? Well, the denizens of eSS&SC land are fortunate to live in such a world.

With a population of over one million people and landscapes ranging from cities and suburbia to endless coastlines and fertile farmland, Southeastern Massachusetts has no shortage of individuals and teams who collectively want to improve our region, our commonwealth, our state, our country, and our world by creating innovative solutions that give us the tools to embrace sustainability in our backyard. They help answer the question “what can I do?” to support a sustainable lifestyle, as they make a difference in their respective communities, actions that model positive behavior, inspiring more to follow. And not just follow blindly.

Oftentimes, summer is when we see the fruits of our labor, literally. From family farms and locally-owned restaurants, to teeming aquaculture and flourishing agriculture, to the hard work of local non-profits and volunteers, the season explodes with opportunities to “celebrate the local abundance” which is uniquely Southeastern Massachusetts. One of the key ingredients is the desire to support the community by buying and eating local. Another ingredient requires additional exploration—how do I/we live a more sustainable lifestyle? Are there people providing solutions driven by altruistic intentions and not solely the common dollar? Yes, there are, and summer is a great time to add new routines and practices to grow your attainable, sustainable lifestyle.

While altruistic innovators develop solutions throughout the year, summer is the time to see much of it in action. The stories in these pages highlight these gifted and beloved people who put the planet first and gently—or firmly!—ask you to follow suit. We only get one chance at this. Let’s model the positive attributes and behaviors of those daring to combine sustainability, ingenuity, and altruism for a cleaner, greener Earth.

Eat thoughtfully, Terry Vandewater, Assistant Editor

Laurie Hepworth & Michael Hart, Publishers

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