Dock & Dine

Dock & Dine
By Kate Strassel.

One of the many highlights of living or vacationing on the South Shore is our proximity to the ocean. Local seafood, produce, and other ingredients are plentiful during the summer months, and many area restaurants make the most of the season’s bounty in myriad delicious ways. Many eateries also offer spectacular views that, combined with their top-notch cuisine, make for memorable summer dining experiences. Four South Shore restaurants take waterside dining to the next level (dare I say, ultimate?) by offering a welcome and fun alternative to navigating summer tourist traffic or driving in circles to find a parking space: get there by boat. Grab your lifejackets and your appetites and motor (or paddle) to your next meal

Editors note: Why, you might ask, does this article only focus on the South Shore and not the South Coast which also has many fabulous waterfront dining options?? While we love any reason to visit/write about as many restaurants as possible, The South Coast Almanac recently shared a wonderful tour of Dock & Dine restaurants from Wareham to Westport. Here is the link for your perusal.

Rest assured…eSS&SC will continue to seek out our local food resources from South Shore to South Coast and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts…

Kate Strassel is a writer and editor living in East Bridgewater. One of her favorite summertime activities is dining al fresco on the water and watching boats come and go as she enjoys delicious local seafood.

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