By Kendra Murray.

Update: Closed July 2023

When going out to eat, the number one decision-making factor is, of course, the food! I’ve made plans to grab dinner at restaurants located in strip malls with fairly minimal decor just because I knew I could get a delicious meal. The best dishes sometimes come from the most unexpected places! However, sometimes it’s nice to visit a restaurant not only for the food but also for its inviting and interesting atmosphere. When looking for something different, the Airport Grille in New Bedford immediately springs to mind.

The Airport Grille, as you may have guessed, is located at the New Bedford (EWB) airport. It’s in the terminal, not a free-standing restaurant adjacent to the terminal—the terminal. The atmosphere is modern and upscale, but don’t be fooled: the prices and portions are reasonable. When you first walk into the Grille, you’ll be entering the larger main dining area. However, the Hangar Room, the back dining room, is my favorite spot. A fireplace in the corner makes for a cozy and inviting place to have dinner, or even to just sit and have a drink. The Hangar Room is also, in my opinion, the best spot for plane viewing. Despite being a small airport, EWB has Cape Air flights to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, Elite Airways flights to Florida, and private and charter flights, so there’s usually some action you can catch while grabbing a bite.

Maybe it’s my inner child, but there’s something fun and exciting about watching a plane or helicopter land while you’re eating lunch or dinner. The restaurant is literally right next to where planes are coming in, so it’s a fairly unique dining experience. The planes are right there!

The food at the Airport Grille is much better than any “airport food” I’ve ever had and has been exceptional every time I’ve gone. One dish that stands out in my mind was a delicious lobster macaroni and cheese, which was served in a hollowed out lobster shell. It was fabulous! They also have a great selection of incredibly fresh New Bedford seafood and many different cuts of steak. The steak au poivre is always cooked to perfection, but if you aren’t a meat eater, you can’t go wrong with their spinach salad. The bar mixes up some great specialty cocktails for those seeking some tasty libations and offers some nice local beers on tap, my personal favorite being Buzzards Bay Brewing’s Moby D.

The restaurant is currently under new management, and there are a lot of great new dishes I haven’t tried yet. There’s still great local seafood, steaks, salads and poultry dishes, but also some unique offerings, including a Reuben specialty pizza. I can’t wait to try some of their new menu items.

So grab a drink, a quick lunch, or take the time to linger over dinner and watch the planes depart and arrive. Between the delicious food and the sight of the twinkling taillights taxing down the runway, you won’t be disappointed!

Airport Grille
1569 Airport Road
New Bedford, MA 02746
(508) 994-7455

Kendra Murray is always searching the South Coast for new eateries with unique cuisines, locations, and an emphasis on local food. When not seeking out South Coast restaurants, you can find Kendra cooking up her own delicacies with ingredients from local farms and her own backyard!