Liquid Assets • Cheers & Beers for Good Luck

Soon New Bedford will be the home to a new brewery with a historically relevant name. “Greasy Luck” was a phrase used to wish success before the departure of a whaling voyage in the early 19th century. Though at one point the...

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Mayflower Brewing

by Paula Marcoux. If you are a beer-lover in Southeastern Massachusetts, any introduction to Mayflower Brewing will probably be superfluous. After all, this Plymouth institution sets the standard in our neighborhood for...

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Brews Brothers: Independent Fermentations and Speedwell Coffee

Derek Anderson and Paul Nixon are local brewers and entrepreneurs. Derek runs Speedwell Coffee, while Paul brews beer at his Independent Fermentations Brewery (IndieFerm). We thought it’d be fun to have a Q&A with them to see what these two brewers have in common (besides tasty local products).

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Your Neighborhood Brewery: Berkley Beer

Picture this: You’re halfway through baking a cake for an upcoming birthday celebration and, oops, you’re out of sugar. Of course, you’ve waited until the last minute to make the confection, so there’s no time to run to the...

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Local Libations Call for Bigger Digs

edible Notables SPIRITS OF THE SEASON By Tatum McIsaac Talk with Paul Nixon, craft brewer behind Independent Fermentations, and you might think you’re talking to a scientist. With the art of beer making being precision mixed...

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