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Bramhall’s General Store, Plymouth MA

Plymouth’s destination for the freshest locally sourced food, in a historic setting. Talk about family-run, the great-great-great-great-grandfather of the current owners founded the store almost 200 years ago! The building itself dates from 1750. Prior to being a general store, its uses included a barn for carpentry, a cobbler’s shop, and even one of the country’s first post offices!

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Fairer Days Ahead – The Marshfield Fair

Neil Powers has worked diligently with local vendors to create new offerings while ensuring local businesses are involved. Castle Island Brewery is a new addition to the beer offerings this year, adding one of their signature IPAs to the available beers at the Fair, while Augie’s Food Truck is returning to the “Food Truck Village” for its second stint, cooking up birria tacos and other modern options.

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