Fall 2022

Cranberry Country Cake

Cranberry Country Cake This versatile cake recipe is one to keep in your arsenal. It works well with just about any seasonal fruit, is light, and is definitely a crowd pleaser. Crumble⅓ cup flour⅓ cup light brown sugar½ teaspoon...

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Ingredient 101, The Cranberry

By Karen J. Covey. Cranberries, Massachusetts’ official state berry (and beverage), have a long-standing place in the Commonwealth’s history dating back to 1816 when Henry Hall, a Revolutionary War veteran, began cultivating...

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More About Cranberries

Who Knew… North America’s largest cranberry grower and a founder of the Ocean Spray co-op makes its home right here in the Southcoast region. The A.D. Makepeace Company was founded in 1854 by Abel Denison Makepeace and this fall...

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