Spring 2015

Brown Sugar Cakes

This lovely tea cake was an inheritance from Lillian’s mother, born Frances Lucy Smith, and dated from 1935, the year following Frances’ marriage to Philemon Gordon Maglathlin. 1 cup brown sugar 2 eggs 1/2 cup flour, sifted 1/4...

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FLATBREAD DOUGH 16 ounces bread flour, about 1/2 teaspoon dry yeast 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher or sea...

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This is a simple and surpassingly delicious Palestinian chicken treatment I ate (as often as possible) in East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley a couple decades ago, and never forgot—moussakhan. I’ve adapted it to use...

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Spring 2015 Table of Contents

Grist for the Mill edible NOTABLES: Julia Powers On! by Elle Maynard Matt’s Blackboard by Dee Levanti Jason’s Role by Dee Levanti Pine Fest by Deneen McQueen Corner Stop by Deneen McQueen Sheep Day by Mike Gioscia...

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YEAR ROUND LOCAL: Simpson Spring Marketplace

With the crazy weather we’ve had this season, many people found themselves ‘cooped up’, staying close to home, staying local. One of the unexpected benefactors of this trend was the importance of shopping local being...

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Edible Notables by Mike Gioscia SOULE HOMESTEAD Surely you should see a sheep sheared! If you never have, you’ll have your chance once again at the 15th annual Soule Homestead Sheep Day, when the sheep on the farm get their...

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CORNER STOP – Cohasset

When you combine a professional restaurant couple, who are as passionate about their community as they are about their food, with the desire to create a fun place for the neighborhood to come together, the result is The Corner...

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Edible Notables by Deneen McQueen What’s so special about the Pine Barrens of Massachusetts? They are a pristine, yet fragile resource. Their globally unique eco-region contains trees, swamps, and ponds that support rare plant...

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Edible Notables by Dee Levanti –Jason Wentworth, Director of SEMAP Jason Wentworth, the new Director of SEMAP, is coming to us via the local political scene. While working in politics, he participated in, and was a driving force...

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Edible Notables by Dee Levanti Matt’s Blackboard, the creation of seasoned local chef, Matt Gurney, opened in 2008 and was inspired by his more than 20 years as a professional chef. Matt let his passion for fresh food take the...

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