By Brendan Martin Coyne.

What better is there to do on a hot summer day than to poke around in the garden, relax with a book on the deck, or slowly saunter to the beach with your favorite chair after enjoying an organic, unique, and locally made craft cocktail? Straight from the garden, mind you!

“The garden is our laboratory”—this is the mantra of Grow Cocktails, a small business that, with a synergetic twist, has taken the farm-to-table movement to the growing craft canned-cocktail movement, or as Grow puts it, “farm-to-flask.” Martha and Sy Yules, the founders of Grow Cocktails, have been avid gardeners their entire lives, which is why all of their cocktails are made with what is currently in season and fresh, straight from their garden plots—if it can’t be gathered directly from their garden, it is always locally sourced and organic.

Grow Cocktails was born from simply providing friends and neighbors who were over enjoying conversation on the couple’s porch with fresh and fun creative cocktails. “The most common word people used was delicious,” says Sy, which gave the couple the inspiration and faith to keep going, continue to innovate, and strive to make the tastiest, freshest, most fun, and unique canned cocktails on the market. Their core belief is that “it is in fact possible to have a quality bartender-style cocktail at home,” with bare feet on the deck, listening to the birds and watching the sunset.

French Twist is Grow’s signature cocktail, containing lavender and vanilla bean-infused vodka, lemon juice, organic blue agave, and carbonated water. This is the true summer “porch sipper” that is refreshing after a long day at the beach, truly summer in a can.

Red Wanderer is another offering that is great for the boat or the beach. Hibiscus and vanilla bean-infused vodka, fresh lime juice, organic blue agave, and carbonated water.

Hot Shot is a jalapeno and habanero distilled vodka mixed with ruby red grapefruit juice, organic blue agave, and carbonated water that pairs well with any type of Mexican food—so, whether it’s the Fourth of July or Taco Tuesday, make sure you add Hot Shot to the libation list!

This summer, make sure you grab some Grow Cocktails—I promise, you won’t be disappointed. And always remember, support local!

Grow Cocktails
Dartmouth, MA