“Come Hungry and Bring a BIG Bag!”

All together now: Road Trip! If you’re a local food advocate, your first visit to the Boston Public Market will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. Every conceivable food product grown or produced in Massachusetts is there, lined up in an arcade of brightly lit and colorful stands, like a cross between your favorite farm stand and nearby Quincy Market. There’s farm-fresh produce, meat and fish, cheeses, prepared foods to go, snacks and sundries, wine, beer, and spirits, along with flowers, coffee, gifts, and even a demonstration kitchen where you can learn to cook with all this bounty. It’s all hyper-local, and it’s a sight to behold. From conception to opening, the market took 19 years. It was a massive undertaking; city and state agencies, as well as private companies and non-profits—all coordinated to fund, design, and build out the space. Finally, in 2011 the pieces came together: approvals, location, and finances, and organization went full-steam ahead. They broke ground in October 2014 for the build-out of an unused parcel above the Haymarket T station, and by July 2015 the market was completed and opened to the public.

We love our local winter indoor markets, and they are an invaluable resource for locavores, farmers, and food artisans—Boston Public Market is not intended to take their place, but it makes a great day trip! Some faces might be new to you, but you may recognize the familiar Nella Pasta, Dartmouth’s Silverbrook Farm, and find many options for wine, beer, sprits, and cheese from all over Southeastern Massachusetts. And whatever you do, come hungry! Or you’ll miss out on the delicious prepared food options–we recommend visiting early morning, and bring the kids. You can pick up some freshly brewed coffee and hot apple cider donuts to nibble on as you walk and talk, visiting, engaging, sampling. It’s a treat!

Picked up at the Boston Public Market

Picked up at the Boston Public Market

Boston Public Market will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

A few products we couldn’t resist:

Dilly Beans, Harlow’s Vermont Farmstand Fresh Mozzarella, Wolf Meadow Farm Fieldstone Food Slab, American Stonecraft Cutting Board, Peterman’s Boards and Bowls Honey Soap, Boston Honey Company Raw Wildflower Honey, Boston Honey Company Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs, Taza Chocolate Parsley and Roasted Garlic pasta, Nella Pasta Sofra’s Coconut Macaroons, Siena Farms Sweet Roast Cashews, Q’s Nuts Smoked Bluefish Pate, Boston Smoked Fish Company S’Morsel’s, Sweet Lydia’s Hydroponic Greens, Corner Stalk Farm

Boston Public Market

100 Hanover Street

Boston, MA 02018