By Lauren Diggin.

Grayson, Nemo, and all of the storms of last winter and beyond—along with the power outages they left in their wake—got us thinking about the comfort foods our readers might like to have on hand for big storms. We posed the question on Facebook and received an array of soup and stew recipes to warm us during any bombogenesis. Of the selection, we chose four (matching the number of nor’easters last March) recipes that are sure to add a little comfort in the midst of a storm.

As we get ready for another winter in southeastern Massachusetts, we’re happy to share this sampling of recipes shared with us by our readers. Whether you’re looking for comfort food to get you through the next round of storms or just a change in your winter recipe lineup, we hope you’ll try and enjoy these wonderful winter dishes and the anecdotes that accompany them.

Peter Houghton’s Chili

Sarah Yancey’s Munchupa

Lindsay Kelliher’s Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

Constance Compton’s Beef Stock and French Onion Soup

Lauren Diggin is a local writer and lover of comfort food—the starchier, the better. She’s hoping to prepare and enjoy soups and stews this winter with the power on.