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Family Recipes: Savor Old Family Recipes
and Learn New Ones With Maria Lawton
March 19, 2015

Books in the Old Colony Library Network:

Lawton, Maria. Azorean cooking: from my family table to yours, 2013.

Hulin, Belinda. The Keepsake Cookbook: gathering delicious memories one recipe at a time, 2011.

Besh, John. My Family Table: a passionate plea for home cooking, 2011.

Smith, Art. Back to the table: the reunion of food and family, 2001.

Lang, Rebecca. Around the Southern table: coming home to comforting meals and treasured memories, 2012.

Kiros, Tessa. Falling Cloudberries: a world of family recipes, 2009.

Websites:   Preserving Azorean cooking.  Sharing old family recipes.  Create a family cookbook and online recipe box.  Creative ways to preserve family recipes. 

In The News:

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