edible Notable
By Elle Maynard


Photo courtesy of Kristi Marsh

Toxins. Certainly not an uplifting topic to bring up in conversation. Local author and advocate, Kristi Marsh understands. She also realizes the importance of educating the mainstream about the potential dangers posed by the overwhelming presence of toxins in many food, personal care, and cleaning products.

As a 35-year-old mother of three, Kristi was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. Using this health crisis as a turning point, she has risen to become a nationally recognized and celebrated advocate for what she refers to as “personal environmental health”. Determined to dash the doom-and-gloom cloud that hovers over the term toxins, Kristi authored the award-winning book, Little Changes: Tales of a Reluctant Home Eco-Momics Pioneer, founded the organization Choose Wiser, and used her story as a platform to educate and empower others to take positive steps towards nontoxic living.

Most recently, Kristi launched the Savvy Women’s Alliance (SWA), a nonprofit welcome wagon for the curious. It provides members with easily accessible and reliable resources, “to ensure that every woman who wants to learn, participate, and make a difference—whether a beginner or passionate change-maker—has a home to do just that.” SWA’s unique strategy combines online communities, with local on-the-ground chapters.

The Alliance is guided by dedicated founding board members, insightful advisors, and founding non-profit partners that include Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Silent Spring Institute, Women’s Voices for the Earth, Safer States, and Made Safe. A band of writers selected for their willingness to step out and share personal stories as well as their ability to craft messages appealing to a broad audience provides much of the content. According to Marsh, “SWA connects women eager to make a difference with companies making safe products and food.”

Kristi is one of us: Cancer survivor, wife, friend, mom, consumer. Determined not to let circumstances define her, she’s expanded her knowledge, broadened her reach, and is leading the charge to create real and positive change in the lives of many.

Ready to join Kristi? Sign up as a member the Savvy Women’s Alliance, follow them on Facebook, or get involved in one of the local chapters being established country-wide. There’s a place for you at Savvy!


Elle Maynard resides on the South Shore with her husband, two teenage sons, and two middle-aged dogs. She actively attempts to reduce toxins in her family’s life and figures that if she must carry plastic, her Library Card not her ATM card, should be the most utilized plastic in her wallet.