Summer 2014

Smoked Bluefish

I use an inexpensive offset smoker: basically a two-compartment grill, where the fire goes in one...

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Yogurt Cheese

Straining yogurt removes the thin whey, or liquid portion of the milk, from the milk solids that have thickened and coagulated during fermentation. Straining thickens the yogurt further, resulting in an extraordinary luscious...

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Lexie’s nutritional advisor, Dr. Mark Mincolla, suggests that cancer patients use low-glycemic sweeteners like coconut nectar and avoid corn-based foods like cornstarch.Ladle this delicious sauce on pancakes while warm, or chill...

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by Mark Mincolla, PhDLocal organic berries blended with a few choice ingredients yield a blockbuster of an anti-oxidant cocktail. If you stockpile summer berries in the freezer when they are abundant, you can treat yourself to a...

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Milestones to Celebrate!

edible Notablesby Kate LevinPhotos: Kate Levin ©2014Open space, gorgeous sunsets, music, friendly people focused on and enthusiastic about great wine and local food…ahh, life in wine country! No need to head to California; our...

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Dufort Farm

Photos and text by Kate Levin. It is difficult to avoid the controversy surrounding the practices of industrial farming and factory-raised animals. From animal confinement and quality of care to the overuse of antibiotics and...

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Pine Hill Dairy

  No visit to the charming seaside farming town of Westport would be complete without a stop at...

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Summer 2014 Table of Contents

Grist for the Mill edible Contributors relish THIS! by Lauren Mosher edible NOTABLES: Pine Hill Dairy  by Kate Levin Know Your Farm by  Kate Levin Milestones to Celebrate! by Kate Levin edible NOTABLE: The Gift of Love and Life...

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Wine is food;
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