1. SOUTH AFRICAN SLAP CHIPS – homemade fries cooked in sunflower oil.
  2. TRUCCHI’S WHEAT BAR – A favorite treat from Trucchi’s bakery department, Wheat Bars are fabled to have been the brainchild of an unsung lunch lady in the kitchen of Taunton High School, some time back in the seventies.
  3. SARAH YANCEY’S MUNCHUPA – the national dish of the Cape Verde Islands and has been known to bring people together in culture and comfort,” explained Sarah. The ingredients and consistency of the broth can vary from island to island, but munchupa is simply seasoned meats with beans and grains.
  4. FRENCH ONION SOUP – This cheesey, gooey, classic recipe was adapted and submitted by eSS&SC reader Constance Compton.
  5. PRESSURE-COOKED PUREE OF LOCAL JACOB’S CATTLE BEANS – This recipe brings together some of Eva’s key themes—the found, the exchanged, the salvaged—and seasons them with her pet flavors winter savory.
  6. CEDAR CAFE ZUCCHINI FRITTERSThanks to Stellios Karastamatis for sharing an offering from the Cedar Cafe menu—tasty vegetable patties that easily adapt to the home kitchen.
  7. CRISPY FRIED ASIAN SHORE CRAB – Og Lim, a champion for surprising recipes, unprovoked, offers this mind-blowing appetizer, the recipe for which originated with her mother, Young-hye Cho.
  8. JAGACIDA – This Cape Verdean staple dish–generally called “jag” these days–has been on tables in our region since the mid-nineteenth century.