Words and Photos By Sarah Puleo and other local coffee lovers. 

My love affair with coffee started in high school. Caffeine-fueled those busy teenage days and nights. My first foray into the world of coffee was cheap and sweet––those saccharine-heavy, press-button cappuccinos from 7-Eleven. Once hooked, Starbucks and a local café’s all-you-can-drink coffee bar became favorite hangouts. My love of coffee only grew in college. During a short stint as a Starbucks barista perks included a free pound of coffee weekly and endless access to espresso.

Now, I’m a mother to three kids: ages 6, 3, and 9 months. Coffee is not only a necessity­–it’s my faithful companion. That first sip of the morning is pure bliss, and an afternoon mug sees me through until bedtime. As a true coffee lover, I’m always searching for my next great cup. In this series, I’m going to share the best local java joints that the South Shore and South Coast have to offer so you can add them to your own rotation. Turns out you can buy happiness–we just call it coffee.

The Donut King – Weymouth

The Coffee Bar – Marshfield

Red Eye Roasters – Hingham

Pour – Norwell, Cohasset, Hanover

Lucky Finn Cafe, Scituate

SlackTide Coffee Roasters

Stay tuned for more visits to local coffee shops!