By Pamela Denholm

Rosa Galeno (center) with daughters Francesca and Jacqueline.

Wanna get your Italian on? Skip the Northend, drive to Easton!

I first met Rosa at a festival. I ordered a cup of her soup. It was so good I tried every other item on her menu. Years later, she now has her own place, Rosa’s Food Shoppe. She’s open Tuesday through Friday from 11 am to 4:30 pm and sometimes on Saturday. The building outside is deceiving, but crossing the threshold is transportive. You’re instantly immersed in Rosa’s world, drenched in Italian food culture and a cornucopia of preserves and pickles (because a well-stocked pantry is essenziale). The food is authentic, the meatballs are the best you’ll have, and at the heart of it, is Rosa.


Rosa’s Food Shoppe
83 Eastman Street
Easton, Massachusetts 02375