edible Notables

by Katherine Rossmoore

Old World-Style Bread


Have you noticed that everything old is new again these days?

The Old World-style bread lovingly handmade by Bridgewater Village Bakery’s Janet Lee Orosz involves an ancient, tasty, and healthy method of baking: slow fermentation of real sourdough. All of the breads made and sold by Bridgewater Village Bakery utilize this process: the dough is fermented for at least 48 hours and sometimes for days, so that the proteins and starches are broken down and more easily digested in our mouths and our guts. Fermentation of sourdough creates healthy probiotics and naturally formed yeast, all potentially beneficial to the digestive system.

These nutritionally helpful breads, including many vegan options, are all made of 100% organic ingredients. Varieties include the traditional Italian and the Crusty Sourdough, the exotic Portuguese Corn Broa (whole wheat, spelt, rye, and cornmeal), Bavarian Bierbrot (wheat, rye, beer, and honey), and Three Cheese with Tellicherry Peppercorns. An impressive menu for a small operation.

During the winter months, Janet developed a wildly popular line of crackers also made with fermented dough: graham, everything, and cheesy (made with parmesan and asiago cheese). She is working on a fourth cracker akin to a wheat thin. Bridgewater Village Bakery also makes a line of cookies from sprouted and fermented grains: Village chocolate chip, chewy oatmeal, and sugar. And drool-inducing cinnamon rolls!

Janet sells her breads at the Easton original farmers’ market on Saturdays, while her husband sells them at Eggleston Market in Jamaica Plain (also on Saturdays in the summer). She can also be found in North Attleboro at Attleboro Farms on Sundays. In the winter, you might find these amazing breads and other yummy baked goods at the Marshfield Winter Market (one Saturday per month). For now, Bridgewater Village Bakery is found only at farmers’ markets. I will be anticipating a storefront in the future!

Bridgewater Village Bakery

49 Center Street

Bridgewater, MA 02324

(508) 697-7775


Cider Donut Delight


Come autumn, we all want a comforting, warm treat.

What could be better than a hot apple cider donut hole right off the Flour Girls Baking Company’s Sweet Truck? These apple cider donuts are quintessential fall in New England: a rustic country apple-picking adventure and a crisp autumn afternoon, in one sweet treat.

Vermont native and local transplant Jill Houck was raised deep in apple country on an island in Lake Champlain. She grew up baking along side her parents and has managed to bring the taste of a Vermont autumn right into her wildly wonderful Flour Girls Baking Company bakery and café, as well as into the super-cool and beautifully decorated Sweet Truck. Jill and her manager Corrie McCue, who is also the chief donut-fryer, make fresh batches of batter daily, scoop it into “holes,” deep-fry them, and roll them in sugar and cinnamon. These donut delights are only available through the Sweet Truck, which is parked at the original Plymouth Farmers’ Market every Thursday afternoon through October 30th. The truck is also available for specialty events and private functions.

The donut holes are a super deal at 6 for $4!

Betcha can’t eat just one…

Flour Girls Baking Company

230 Huttleson Avenue

Fairhaven, MA 02719

(774) 202-5884


Katherine Rossmoore, the mother of three incredible sons, is using her love of cooking and writing in her business as a holistic health and wellness guide. She is also a certified yoga teacher and a lawyer. Find her at www.BetterLivingThroughFoods.com.